120 Landa Street

Wurstfest is proud to be the great festival it is today. From humble beginnings, we've grown into an annual bash which draws thousands of visitors a day to the dedicated Wurstfest Festival Grounds. A story like ours is long, and the achievements are due in no small part to the visionaries, volunteers and community leaders who have helped us prosper over the years.


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Friday, Feb. 2, 2018

I always enjoy attending Wurstfest. Its a great festival with a ton of foods to try. Prices are fair with some items being a steal and others a little high, but overall everything is affordable for it being a festival. This year was the first time I had visited the new vendor area that is covered. It was filled with arts and crafts, German items, and had its own music stage to the side. Favorite food items at the Wurstfest are always the multiple sausage stick, that has a roll and several kinds of sausage, and the potato pancake which comes with apple sauce on the side. The potato pancake is the steal I was referring to. Its a huge item that will put a dent in your hunger for not too much money. A sausage stick and a pancake will almost fill you up. The potato pancake is basically shredded potato like hash browns smashed into a large patty and then deep fried on flat iron. The performances are never disappointing, with a good variety of music and performers, but seating at these shows can be problematic. Also weekend nights are premium and the festival can get so full its hard to even walk around and enjoy yourself. Parking generally isnt a problem, the lot directly across the street (Knights of Columbus) usually has space and is priced fair. If you've never been this is an event you need to experience at least once. It really demonstrates how diverse the population of Texas really is to have a festival of this type and magnitude here.

Aaron Pursell

Friday, Dec. 22, 2017

Was a fun time for my first time. Enjoyed the scenery and the bands....and of course the beer and the wurst! I'd recommend leaving before 10 pm unless you're part of the college crowd. Of that's your thing though show up about 9 because it gets busy quick. Bring cash, atm lines can be long at night. Otherwise fun time with friends and family and tons of German beer!

Rye's sightseeing & travels.

Saturday, Nov. 4, 2017

Me and my family love attending only once during the week long scheduled festival. Only because it can and will get expensive. We love visiting all the shops, Carnival rides, dance floor events and sampling some of the German style food choices. We love all the entertainment, German style decor that is provided and displayed. I will admit and say that coming here can clear ones mind. Because everyone has to and should have fun. There is also lots of Beer!

Shandie Fontenot

Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2017

You absolutely cannot beat a great weekend at Wurstfest. It's always such a fun and amazing time. There's so much food, beer, music, and dancing. Prepare to apologize to your wallet, there is no resisting a few good pitchers of beer and way more delicious food than you really should ever eat. It's an annual tradition for my husband and I. Can't say enough fantastic things about it!

cody hutson

Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2017

Wurstfest is definitely a staple for college students and everyone else alike. All the beer you can possibly want, and food as far as the eye can see. Make sure to show up with only cash because that's all that's accepted. If you forget, you can get cash out from an ATM with a convenience fee of $5, or you can drive back to another store. A must attend event if you're in town.